We are a design studio

We are how, we help customers and partners to turn ideas into reality by making digital and graphic materials. We are not a communications or a publicity agency. They are our partners, our customers .They also attend Marketing and Communication departments from companies. We make it happen!

We have been working since the 80’s, when the world was still off-line. The focus was Graphic Design, we were at the boom of Aldus Pagemaker and the Apple computers. Many activities were done under the name “fastmídia”, which are into our Vintage Portfolio

The internet and the multimedia products came in the 90’s and we quickly dived into that new reality. But it was only in the year 2000 when we formalized Blue Media Studios, always with a different way of being, of relating and of seeing the world. By the way, our name is a reference to the Earth seen from the space. The world is BLUE; we are BLUE MEDIA!

Check our portfolio and see the jobs we have already done.

Send us your challenge and let’s get down to work!