Design really matters

Whichever your service or product is, they need a visual that reflects their identity.

Inside blue

Our passion for design – the job of translating problems into solutions that are simple, useful and adequate to where they belong – came in 1987. The evolution to such passion created Blue Media at the turn of the century, in the year 2000.

We work in the fields of digital and graphic design, being always guided by the aims of our customers and by our passion in making ideas come into reality.

Each challenge is taken as a mission. We are hands-on, fast and focused. We want our customers to be fully satisfied. That is our mantra!


Passion by the work we do
Integrating businesses, catching synergy between things and people, providing well-being
Transparency and honesty with our customers and our partners
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Testimonials (Clients in Brazil)

Our way of working

Very simple. Uncomplicated. You explain it, we do it!

Sammy W. Oliveira
Founder at blue media studios